Grade 10 – Multimedia

lesson: Multimedia Products

  • Define and describe types of multimedia products that inform, enertain or educate the user.


  1. PPT for defining the multimedia and storyboards.
    1. see the site:
    2. open the site to see the flick book practice:
  2. give the students an idea about the web based application:
  3. open the site :
    • explore the site.
    • Use the strips to create story boards for an original storyor to illustrate a book or play being read in class. Or,
      • create comic strips that change or go beyond the ending of the book they have just read. or,
      • creating short stories or novels, for example, you will find that comic strips provide you with a way to experiment with dialog that can be incorporated into your writing of text.
      • Or, have students use the comic strip as a book report summarizing or commenting on what they have been reading.
    • choose one of the previous and sketch it firstin the paper…
    • try to make your story in the site.
    • print your story.

Project : ( 2 students)

  1. see the features of Comic life software in this site:
  2. download the comiclife software.
  3. make your storyboard about ( advising the strudents in school for good hapits).
  4. each group present his work ( printaple poster and show it on the witeboard by datashow).

The posters will be hanged outside on the advertising board.


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